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The spot that is dark oil left through the cutting and forming process at the manufacture.
If this oil is kept you will burn your fitting and it surely will perhaps not take the solder.

Flux the pipe and fittings: utilizing your flux past brush each end for the pipe and fixtures. This may ensure a clean and tinned joint.

Time for you to solder: Whatever size your pipeline, that is how solder that is much will need to used to sweat your joints together. Therefore, you will need one inch of solder to sweat your joints together if you are soldering 1" one inch copper pipe.

Using a torch heat your pipe and fitting evenly. Begin two inches behind the fitting and gradually heat your pipeline and fitting with a right back and forth sweeping motion. Ensure that your flame is near enough to cover the whole diameter of this pipe.

If your flame turns green apply the solder to your hub associated with fitting, ensuring that the solder moves all the way round the hub. Wait!There is certainly one more "Secret" step to a solder that is perfect, which means the essential difference between an amateurish glob of the mess on your fixtures or a professional looking solder joint every time.
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To fully understand the problem, we need to know very well what accocunts for a rosin that is typical solder fume. A typical solder fume is a mix of really small particles (smoke) and gases which is often explained as around 95% particulates (the physical smoke plume), and around 5% gases and vapours which can contain a cocktail of Acetones, Methyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, Diterpine Acid, Carbon Monoxide and Isopropyl Alcohol. Note: Even 'Synthetic' and 'No Clean' fluxes can result in lung irritation that is serious

Once inhaled, the lungs cannot easily remove particle sizes under 10 microns. In the event that you knew a human being hair is roughly 100 microns in diameter, think about this - the largest solder fume particle is about 10 microns in diameter plus the smallest is around 0.3 microns (you can only just see 30 microns by having a naked eye).

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